Who Is Jesus?

For more than two thousand years people have asked the questions, “Who is Jesus?” For those of us who were not there when He was on this earth, we have the record of His birth, life, death on the cross, and resurrection found in the Bible. The following summary of the historical Jesus will enable you to seek out the answer to this age-old questions...WHO IS JESUS?

No one else has influenced history as He has.

Jesus is the Son of God.
Old Testament prophets spoke of His coming and described the eternal and life-changing impact He would have on all people.

Jesus is both God and man.
He stilled the seas and walked on water. With a touch of His hand, He cured incurable diseases. He restored life to those who had physically died, yet He felt every human emotion.

Jesus personifies love.
He paid the ultimate price so that we could live with Him forever. He sees us through the eyes of love.

He loves in spite of every hurtful thought, every harmful word, and every wrongful action. These are all a result of sin, which contaminates everything we do. It is behind every broken home, every empty life, every infirmity, every damaged emotion, every sorrow and grief. And as the Bible says, the end result of sin is death. But Jesus Himself was sinless; only He could pay the penalty for our sins.

Because of His love, He suffered, died and rose again.

We are forgiven. All who believe in Jesus are guaranteed eternal life with Him in heaven.

Why did Jesus do this? Because Jesus is love.

What Difference Does Jesus Make?

Suffering and pain touch everyone. At times life seems like an endless cycle of hopelessness. Even Christians, who claim that Jesus is the source of hope amidst the struggles, still suffer. They still struggle. They still die. So, what’s the point? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES JESUS MAKE?

First, look at the brokenness that invades your life – those things that cause guilt, shame, and grief. They exist because of a condition called sin-sin which separates you from God and robs you of the peace, comfort and hope you desperately crave. And no matter how hard you try, There isn’t anything you can do to make things right again on your own. That’s where Jesus comes in.

Jesus knows the misery you feel. Jesus makes the difference at that very point when your pain intersects your cry for help. Jesus is God’s answer to that cry.

Jesus took the punishment you deserve. He died in your place so that you can be forgiven. Because you are forgiven, you can have the comfort of knowing you are at peace with God and the certainty that He provides you with the strength to cope with guilt, shame and grief.

And because of what Jesus has done for you, your past is forgiven, your present can be lived with confidence, and your future is guaranteed.

For all who believe in Jesus, an everlasting world-without suffering, sin and death-is assured. This glorious place called heaven is where you will see Jesus face to face.

That’s the difference Jesus makes!

What Does The Bible Say?

one solitary life

He was born in an obscure village
The child of a peasant woman
He grew up in another obscure village
Where He worked in a carpenter shop
Until He was thirty

He never wrote a book
He never held an office
He never went to college
He never visited a big city
He never traveled more than two hundred miles
From the place where He was born
He did none of the things
Usually associated with greatness
He had no credentials but Himself

He was only thirty three

His friends ran away
One of them denied Him
He was turned over to His enemies
And went through the mockery of a trial
He was nailed to a cross between two thieves
While dying, His executioners gambled for His clothing
The only property He had on earth

When He was dead
He was laid in a borrowed grave
Through the pity of a friend

Nineteen centuries have come and gone
And today Jesus is the central figure of the human race
And the leader of mankind's progress
All the armies that have ever marched
All the navies that have ever sailed
All the parliaments that have ever sat
All the kings that ever reigned put together
Have not affected the life of mankind on earth
As powerfully as that...

One solitary life

by Dr. James Allan Francis

taken from www.lcms.org

Where Do I Go From Here?

Spiritual truth and spiritual life go hand in hand. In this final section the stage is set to answer for yourself how you are going to follow God’s call on your life to follow Him. I am asking you to consider: Where do you go from here?

  • Have you had any past experience with the Christian church? If so, have they been positive or negative? In what way? How does that past affect your decisions today?
  • If you were to continue your spiritual search, how could Zion Lutheran Church help you?
  • Visit with people who are active in their church. Ask them how the church assists them in their spiritual journey.
  • For further information contact me or one of our congregational staff members of Zion to discuss your questions or concerns randall.neal@zionhopkins.org.