How To Join

Thank you for your interest in Zion.  We are delighted that you are considering making Zion your family of faith.  Membership at Zion allows you to participate in key decision making opportunities and gives you the opportunity to serve in various ministry areas.  (You do not have to be a "member" to attend or worship at Zion.)

Please contact the church office for details, 952.938.7661 or via e-mail at

Steps to Becoming a Member of Zion Lutheran Church

Membership may be by:

  • Transfer - from another Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) congregation where you are currently a member.
  • Adult Confirmation - completing a seven week class of background information about beliefs and practices of the Lutheran Church
  • Profession of Faith - formerly an LCMS member but not currently one.

Step 1: Come and worship at Zion Lutheran Church.  Check us out, participate in worship, observe, and ask questions.  Take your time to be sure you want to join the congregation.  You do not have to be a member to attend or worship at Zion.  Once you have decided you would like to become a part of the Zion congregational church family the following steps apply.

Step 2: Set an appointment with one of the pastors to get acquainted and discuss expectations of membership (952.938.7661 or  One of the following will be required for those wishing to join:

  • Complete a membership transfer request from your former LCMS congregation.
  • Attend and complete the Adult Confirmation "Discovering the Faith" new member class for anyone who has never been confirmed in the Lutheran Church.  These classes will help you get acquainted with life at Zion and the teachings of the congregation.  They will also help you get connected and feel at home.  Going through the class does not obligate you to join the congregation.  You're very welcome to sit in and see where God leads!  This class is offered twice a year in the Fall and Spring.
  • Complete a membership request form for those who were formerly an LCMS congregational member but are not currently one.

Step 3: Upon successfully completing the application process you will be formally welcomed by the congregation at an upcoming worship service and your name will be added to the membership roster of Zion as a Communicant member.  Immediately following the welcome service you, along with all other individuals joining Zion, will be the guest(s) of honor at a potluck buffet luncheon in the fellowship hall of the church.